Cargo Area @EUROBIKE: exhibition, Academy, test rides and info point

The leading bicycle trade fair EUROBIKE in Frankfurt a. M. yet again offers the cargobike industry a prominent stage: The Cargo Area!
In 2024 it will return to the future mobility hall (hall 8). The hall provides direct access to the ouside test track and is next to the start-up area.

  • 03-07 July 2024 | Messe Frankfurt
  • Professional days: Wednesday–Friday
  • Festival days: Saturday/Sunday has been EUROBIKE’s partner for organising the Cargo Area programme since 2018. This year, we will once again be prominently represented at the Cargo Area. We will offer guided tours on the topic of cargo bikes, have a slot on the Cargo Academy stage and look after the Cargo Bike Info Point to advise visitors on their needs with regard to the use of cargo bikes.

Programme EUROBIKE Cargo Area 2024

Cargo Academy Thursday, 04 July – 14:00 – 17:00

With six short panels, the Cargo Academy offers a unique forum for information and exchange on the cargo bike boom. These topics will be on the agenda in 2024:

Market data
Standards & regulations
Purchase premiums
Service & repair costs
Pioneers in the industry

Cargo EuroCup Sunday, 07 July

At the same time that cargo bikes are reclaiming the metropolises, cargo bike races are becoming increasingly popular. In contrast to classic road races, it is not only strength and endurance that count here, but also skill and a sense of proportion. At the Cargobike EuroCup, the cargo has to be loaded or unloaded on each lap of the short sprint course – gripping scenes for the audience, which is directly involved in the racing action. But if you’re expecting professional sport, you’ll be proven wrong: these races are events by and for the Cargobike community and a pleasure for all participants.

Info Point Cargo Bike (Wed – Sun) provides manufacturer- and dealer-neutral information on all questions of cargo bike use. We offer individual advice on, among other things, choosing the right cargo bike, the respective requirements, and a general overview of the different types. Come and visit us at the Info Point just outside Hall 8.

Guided tours

There will be five 45-minute guided tours of the Cargo Area with Martin Seißler and Alexander Lutz of


Gabriele Commisso

Maresa Mutter
fairnamic GmbH

Documentation EUROBIKE Cargo Area 2023

Eurobike 2023 offered an extensive programme for tens of thousands of visitors.

More stakeholders than ever met up at Eurobike, an event that brings people together in service of the goal of making the bicycle even more attractive. Thanks in part to the digital transformation, there are now ingenious ways of offering the bicycle to companies and private individuals as an all-inclusive package for everyday mobility, and the Zukunft Fahrrad Forum also featured animated discussions of these new developments. The bicycle industry works day in and day out to meet people’s needs for healthy, safe, and easy-to-use transportation.

Wasilis von Rauch, Managing Director of bicycle industry association „Zukunft Fahrrad“


Wednesday, 21 July
Cargo Area Tour with

Thursday, 22 July – Cargo Academy
14:00 – 14:30: Input from politics and organisations
14:30 – 15:15: Panel 1: Safety through standardisation: Update on the European EN standard for cargo bikes
15:20 – 16:05: Panel 2: Longtail cargobikes: From US outsider to European bestseller
16:10 – 16:55: Panel 3: Commercial Cargobike Fleets: Challenges and trends
17:00 – 17:30: Conclusion: Test Days & Presentation of nominated models for the International Cargobike of the Year Award (CABOTY) for commercial cargo bikes and trailers.

Friday, 23 July
Cargo Euro Cup and flottesGewerbe

Saturday, 14 July and Sunday 15 July
Cargo Bike Advice


Documentation EUROBIKE Cargo Area 2022

EUROBIKE moved from Friedrichshafen to metropolitan Frankfurt in 2022: „In Frankfurt, we will be selectively expanding the CARGO AREA“ was announced by EUROBIKE director Dirk Heidrich. In July 2022, the Cargo Area in Frankfurt brought together over 50 cargo bike exhibitors in the prominent, 30.000 square meter Future Mobility Hall (Hall 8). Additional cargo bikes were presented in the nearby demo area.

At the new location at Messe Frankfurt, Eurobike 2022 has proven that the cargo bike segment is flourishing in Europe. We are very excited about the new opportunities brought about by this year’s Eurobike.

Jorrit Kreek, co-founder and CEO of Urban Arrow


Wednesday, 13 July
16.00 – 16.45: Cargo Area Tour with
From 18.00: Cargo Area exhibitor party | come along or offer drinks & snacks at your Cargo Area booth

Thursday, 14 July
10.15 – 13.00: CityChangerCargoBike conference: From niche to mainstream – how cargo bikes can transform mobility
13.30 – 13.50: Stage presentation: Cargo – a need for change? by Vredestein Tyres
14.00 – 18.00: Cargo Academy with panels on politics, components, parking and EN standard
From 18:00: Cargo Bike Social Ride with [‚kvirder]®

Friday, 15 July
09.00 – 10.00: Cargo Academy: ECLF Cargo Bike Rider Training Scheme (workshop)
10.00 – 10.45: Cargo Area Tour with
11.00 – 13.00: Panel Cargo bikes & urban logistcs powered by RLVD and ReLUT
11.00 – 13.00: Eisenguss neu denken: Shäroguss für Lastenradrahmen: Guido Rau, FONDIUM Group GmbH

Saturday, 16 July
10:00 – 10:45: Cycling with a Baby: Hannah Eberhardt, Verkehr mit Köpfchen
11:30 – 12:00: Commons Cargo Bikes: Wiebke & Timo Höfker, Forum Freie Lastenräder
14.00 – 14.45: Cargo Area Tour with

Sunday, 17 July
10:00 – 10:45: Cargo Area Tour with
11:00 – 17:00: Cargo Euro Cup – cargo bike race for fans and pros