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About cargobike.jetzt

We are a Berlin-based think & do tank for the cargo bike revolution. Replacing cars & vans by increasing the use of cargo bikes is our mission.

We offer consultancy as well as projects & events together with national and European partners. Our customers include municipalities, fairs, associations and research institutions.

The blog cargobike.jetzt provides news and tips (in German) on the private and commercial use of cargo bikes. We are independent from single manufacturers and dealers but offer advertising opportunities and sell our own marketing products, the Cargobike Toys.

Our team

Arne Behrensen | Managing Director

Topics: politics & incentives, market trends, sharing, security & legal aspects
E-Mail: arne.behrensen@cargobike.jetzt
Social Media: LinkedIn


Karen Rike Greiderer | Project Manager

Topics: kids transport & family mobility
E-Mail: karen.greiderer@cargobike.jetzt
Social Media: Instagram

Portrait Martin Seißler, cargobike.jetzt

Martin Seißler | Managing Director

Topics: commercial use, urban logistics, culture & games
E-Mail: martin.seissler@cargobike.jetzt
Social Media: LinkedIn

Alexander Lutz | Vetrieb Kommunal

E-Mail: Alexander Lutz@cargobike.jetzt
Social Media: LinkedIn

Sabine | Office Manager

E-Mail: office@cargobike.jetzt

Our international activities

Visibility for your cargo bike!

Cargobike Quartett und Cargoli


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